What's new???

WER-Sinus V. 3.0 demo and full version is now avalible

WER-Sinus V. 3.0 finalization, of delivery at the end of January 2021

 WER-Sinus V.2.5 demo and full version is now available.




Version History WER-Sinus


- Program optimization, now even lower CPU load

- Depending on the preset, up to 50 % less CPU load possible.

- The Wer-Sinus-VSTi , has been enriched by a variety of remote control options via VST parameters.

- Some new presets.


- New Leslie, the Leslie was replaced by a two step bass / treble Leslie .
  Bas- and high tones now in a different rotational speed and off are switched, etc.

- Drawbars areas were redefined. (Wersi - tuning, new Repitation)

- Tube amp / distortion.

- Advanced Midi Management

- Preset can now insert directly copy / past via mouse or keyboard move and save

- Up to 16 times , freely adjustable ASIO audio outputs (hardware dependent).

- Sinus Engin was again revised complet new and is now even more powerful and also no longer
   quite as resource hungry

- Many new presets.